Experienced IAM architect

Do you want to be the key player in companies’ digitalization?

Linköping, Sweden / Stockholm, Sweden / Uppsala, Sweden

We need highly skilled and experienced architects in IAM and PAM

The extensive digitalization that is taking place means that the amount of information is increasing exponentially at the same time as the handling of information is becoming increasingly complex. Cyber threats and new regulatory requirements place high demands on companies and organizations, which means that the need for specialists in IT and information security is huge.

Nixu is helping to create a safer world and a well-functioning digital society. Then it is not enough to be a traditional knowledge company. Exchange of experience between individuals and development of competence must be accelerated in order to live up to new requirements and complex challenges in the current and future threat landscape. We have taken this into account, so when you work with us you get to take part in a stimulating and developing environment with exciting customers and challenging assignments. We place great focus on knowledge exchange and learning between colleagues.

Are you an aspiring Nixuan?
You are the one we are looking for if you enjoy being independent in the consulting role, appreciate great personal responsibility, if you are driven by optimizing the benefits for the customer and always work for quality and precision. It's good if you thrive in social contexts, are a team player when needed and think it's fun to travel for work from time to time.

What do you do at Nixu?

We are a small strong team that is growing fast. Our team is still small, which gives you great opportunities to influence who we are and who we will become. You will work very closely with the whole team and we have a strong family feeling. We help and support each other if and when needed.

We have, in Nixu, an ecosystem of security services where identities are often the hub. We work to help our customers to a simpler and more automated management of identities, whether it concerns an employee, a customer, a partner or a 'thing'.

We are part of an international organization with over 100 passionate identity specialists. The missions are all over northern Europe and covers many types of businesses. Our head office is centrally located on Kammakargatan in Stockholm, but we also have offices in Uppsala and Linköping if you prefer to sit there. Naturally, you can also do remote work from wherever you ar at the moment.

You will be involved early in the projects and first work with pre-sale. When we approach an assignment, your job is to, with the help of the customer's needs, visions and requirements, describe the best solution for the customer from both a process and a technical perspective. You must understand and be able to convey the big picture as well as the small details. During the project, you must ensure that the solution meets the requirements and also adapt, improve and simplify where needed.

What do you get from us?

You get to work with us in an environment that really cares about its employees. Our offices are central. You can count on good, sustainable and well-thought-out compensation and benefits. You choose your tools yourself from a palette of the newest and best models of computers and phones. You also receive a generous fitness allowance. You get to work in the sharpest security company in northern Europe. The work takes place with interesting customers in many industries and you work with innovative and fun projects. We engage in societal development through innovative and societal identity solutions (SisuID). In short, you have a great opportunity to develop with us and be in the absolute front line in an industry that is becoming more important with each passing day.

What you need to contribute:

• Exceptional passion and knowledge in one or more in the areas of IAM, CIAM and PAM
• Have worked with one of the market leading IAM/IGA systems such as Savyint, Thycotics, Forgerock or similar
• You have extensive experience of describing architecture with a focus on security and IAM
• You like to meet new and existing customers
• You are confident in yourself and have the courage to challenge your colleagues to develop as a team
• You need to speak and write excellent Swedish, English and perhaps another European language

We encourage you to also contribute:

• To want to sit in the driver’s seat, to lead, not to be led
• Can see how security issues are related to business issues and explain this to customers
• Has a successful professional life as a consultant
• See what benefits the customer and communicate this
• Understand the importance of quality for success
• Having worked with one or more security frameworks such as ISO, NIST or CERT
• Understand concepts such as information classification, risk management, requirements management, change work, business analysis, continuity planning, strategy work from a security perspective.

If you know that you are right for the role we are looking for, we want you to come to us as soon as possible.

Apply today!
If you have questions about the job or Nixu, you can contact Peter Hellström directly. peter.hellstrom(at)nixu.com, +46 708 50 60 16, if you have questions about the recruitment process please contact monica.sigevall(at)nixu.com.

Since we are working with security for security-conscious companies and organizations, we will do thorough background checks as part of the recruitment process.

Learn more about our company on www.nixu.com.

Nixu is a cybersecurity services company on a mission to keep the digital society running. Our passion is to help organizations embrace digitalization securely. Partnering with our clients we provide practical solutions for ensuring business continuity, an easy access to digital services and data protection. We aim to provide the best workplace to our team of about 400 cybersecurity professionals with a hands-on attitude. With Nordic roots – we have offices in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, and Romania, we serve our customers worldwide. Nixu is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange.