IoT Security Developer

There is always room for one more cybersecurity hero!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

There is always room for one more cybersecurity hero!

Nixu Corporation is the leading cybersecurity company in the Nordic countries. It is our mission to ensure that our clients’ IT works flawlessly day and night despite nasty attackers. We operate in Corporate IT, Digital Business and Industrial Internet in projects where nothing can be left to chance. Over 220 top professionals work at Nixu offices in Finland, Sweden and Netherlands and serve our customers worldwide.

IoT Security Developer

Do you enjoy programming? Do you have something to show for it? Let the code talk for itself and let us know about your hobby projects, GitHub & FOSS contributions or achievements in hacking events and competitions. We offer interesting development challenges in security, cryptography and working with embedded, resource constrained devices and cross-compilation environments. We work mainly with embedded Linux, iOS, Android and industrial RTOSes.
As an IoT Security Developer your daily work with our clients involves developing new features, refactoring code and helping our clients in designing and building their security architecture and solutions. You are not afraid of weird stuff but think that learning new things and relentlessly honing your skills and expertise is the key for long term success. You play nice with your colleagues and respect your clients.
Our multinational Security Engineering team also researches and teaches secure development methods, performs security assessments, penetrates, breaks and audits applications, devices, systems, platforms and networks. We cover and guard the digital lifecycle from requirements gathering and early design to implementation, maintenance and ramp-down while mastering the full technology stack from hardware to user interfaces, databases and cloud solutions. Our hand is there ensuring the proper, reliable and secure functioning of power plants, electricity grids, telecommunication networks, factories, payment systems and all kinds of digital ecosystems such as global consumer services, cloud platforms, governmental systems and IoT devices ranging from wearables to vehicles.

What we wish from You:

• You have true passion for modern software development and cybersecurity issues
• Ability to learn and adapt what you have learned
• Experience in team work and taking responsibility of your own work
• Fluent C/C++ programming skills
• Skills and knowledge of Android, AOSP, iOS, Python, Java and JavaScript frameworks are a plus
• Skills in test automation, basic understanding of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, key management and X.509 certificate infrastructure are a plus

If you want to excel in IoT Security developer role you relate to some of these:

• You have done well (or would do so) in CTF or programming competitions
• You have found vulnerabilities and reported them
• You have skills in Reverse Engineering and know the tools, such as debuggers and sniffers
• You know well at least one scripting or programming language (such as Python)
• You know encryption algorithms and protocols
• You have an eye for vulnerabilities in operating systems, browsers, applications and mobile devices
• You know well a variety of operating systems (Unix/Linux/Windows/embedded OS’s)
• You know networks like the back of your hand and eat exotic protocols for breakfast
• You have a server farm, a private hack lab or a collection of self-built gadgets at home

Please note that working in security industry may require Employer to request a personnel security clearance by the Dutch Security Intelligence Service. This is a permanent and full-time position. Our office and the work is located at Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

What we offer

We believe in the culture of empowerment. Nixu is an international cross-professional organization where you can develop your expertise and find your potential. You will have an opportunity to gain experience from multiple projects and develop business understanding of several industries. We value professionalism in all its dimensions and provide our employees the conditions for personal growth and success. We offer the ability to balance professional challenges with your personal life.
Our organization model supports working and learning without unit barriers. We are all different, but equal. In all our doing, we are trustworthy, decisive and combine agility with concepts and principles. We express our opinion in an honest and constructive manner. We offer a place where you can find meaningful work, have fun, be inspired and respected and share knowledge. In addition to professional growth, we have a large number hobby clubs from flying drones to ski trips where you can find your potential.

Apply now!, and twitter: @nixutigAs an IoT Security Developer you will work as a one of client team members on security / crypto aspects in embedded software and/or application development projects. Based on your background and experience, your daily work may focus either more in embedded software assignments or in android development. You will also have possibility to take part in IPR development within selected organizational level projects.