The Nixu Challenge 2020

Looking for a traineeship, job or just plain fun!

Amsterdam, Netherlands / Espoo, Finland / Linköping, Sweden / Stockholm, Sweden / Uppsala, Sweden

Solve the Challenge

The first rule of The Nixu Challenge is to do your best. There is no need to fully solve all the challenges, try your best and tell us how you did it. Grab flags, kick ass and show us what you got!

What is the Challenge?

The Nixu Challenge is a fun way to show us your skills. Through the Challenge you can apply for a job, or just to have fun.

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Looking for a traineeship or a job in cybersecurity?

Nixu is constantly looking for new talents, who want to set their bet to the 100% legal side of cyber security. We have plenty of other opportunities within our organization both for junior hires and experienced professionals.

Please notify that working on a security industry may require Employer to request a personnel security clearance by the local Security Intelligence Service.


Go to and solve as many individual challenges as you can and write a report on how you achieved the results. Please note, there is no need to solve all the challenges!


If you have questions you can contact Pauliina Snellman pauliina.snellman[a] or Monica Sigevall monica.sigevall[a]